Some examples using Apogeus Lite:

Seller or as representative

If today you represent a company that also provides you a sales automation system, you probably need to write your order on a pad of paper and then send it by fax or scan it and send it by email.

With Apogeus Lite you can register all your customers and their email. Then you can register the products that are at work, including photos and their sales prices.

So with Apogeus Lite, you can enter their orders in front of the customer presenting their products and negotiating their values​​. Apogeus will do all the calculating total request and sends a copy of the application to your customer and your represented.

See now you no longer need to return to your office, hotel or home to send their requests, because the Apogeus Lite has simplified this process.


If you spend the day doing budgets of its products and does not yet have a digital tool, Apogeus Lite came to simplify this process.

Blinds, curtains , windows, hardware, air conditioning, furniture, etc. , today you need to visit their clients and take measures , note on a pad and then go to your store or office to calculate values ​​and send a quote by e -mail to his client . Sometimes you can not send the budget in the same day due to the accumulation of services .

With Apogeus Lite you present your products with pictures and videos , delighting customers and providing the quality of its products and services at other facilities . You can calculate the budget on time and your client will receive it by e – mail , including the photos of the products offered .Before leaving the client you can check if it already received your quote via email and to visit your next client !

Who else could simplify your life day by day? Apogeus Lite !

Events, parties

If you own a restaurant and offers events with different menus, Apogeus Lite can also help you to simplify your work.

You can register your entire menu in the system, including photos and videos. Rate waiter, drinks, pre-contract, etc..

When you meet a new client for birthday parties, communions, baptisms, etc., present your menus in a different way. You can do the budget of the party to order and send to the client by email, detailing the dishes, soft drinks, waiter rate, contract, etc. including the amount already calculated.

If you have a decorating business or rental of sound and video may also use Apogeus Lite.

Sale of real estate or cars reseller

Use Apogeus Lite to register their cars and properties with photos and videos, to present to your prospective customers.

This way you do not need to be logged in to access your web site, making your presentation more quickly, since all the information is saved on your device.

You can send a business propo

sal by email, including photo of the product to your prospective.

With Apogeus Lite you can register all the people who attended for future contact and maybe one more closing business.

Use your imagination!

You may display and sell any product or service with Apogeus Lite!